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Reptile Sex

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Andy Private loves snakes

We have seen tons of movies with this hot animal model in the lead, but we have never seen her having sex with reptiles! Watch how she plays with a giant snake. She start licking his slippery body and when Andy gets to horny she directs the snakes head to her well trained pussy. Will it be possible for this exotic reptile to give her a orgasm with his vibrating tongue?

WTF, bizarre turtle dildo fucking

This freaky animal slut has a lot of fun with her turtle. He has a very tiny cock but his vibrating tongue does all the magic. It is the first time for this girl that she gets multiple orgasms from a tortoise! But still, this hardcore whore needs something in her wet pussy so decides to use a massive dildo. The sextoy is placed on top of the turle which looks a bit funny, but its neccesair for a good fuck! Oh my god ... this is strange, this is bizarre, this is original, this is fucking fantastic!

Thatty posing with reptiles

This famous bestiality model was a bit scared when we told her she had to work with some cobra snakes today. To make her a bit more relaxed she was allowed to start with a old fashioned dildo show, and we have to say she did a fantastic job there. But today it was time for some snake sex so with a bit of force we let her have sex with a gigantic reptile. We promise you that you have never seen a animal sex movie like this before!

Extreme bestiality shoot with Aiumy

We all know this animal model. Yes Aiumy is probably the most famous animal slut of the world. She has done dogs and horses 24/7. But today is a new day and a new day means new adventures. Not one but two horny snakes are on the menu and with no hesitation at all she starts to masturbate with these freaky animals. It begins with a long dildo show, then some touching and snake licking and it ends up with the two snakes licking her perfect pussy. Yeah baby fuck those reptiles!

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